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condition information

The majority of items in our vintage and retro catalogue are used items - so not all items will be perfect. During our selection process, we examine each item in detail and we tell you exactly what you are buying. Each item is classified into five categories as follows:

Condition: Excellent
Description: Item is in excellent condition, with no holes, stains, or repairs.

Condition: Great
Description: The item appears slightly worn from general wear and could appear slightly faded or with a minor flaw.  which we will let you know about. It is considered very wearable.

Condition: Good
Description: The item appears worn and may have a combination of fading or a minor flaw for instance. Flaws are outlined in the garment description.

Condition: Fair
Description: The item appears worn, and may have visible flaws. It is being offered because the item is highly desirable or it is more than 50 years old. The item is still considered wearable. The fault will be outlined in the garment description.

Condition: Unused
Description: Vintage clothing that has never been worn before. Usually these unworn items are complete with the original merchandise tags. These items are also graded for condition.

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