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Skinny suits on skinny people, a la John Cooper Clarke, worn with big spiky black hair.

Dark dirty jeans, stained by oily hands, ripped on a nail or from falling off a moving vehicle, another pair of jeans worn over the top, stained by oily hands, etc.

A mohair jumper in greens and blues with a high neck, or striped boatneck black and white or black and red jumpers knitted with huge needles.

A studded belt, worn on the hips, with a loop of chain hanging over your arse.

A mod parker, with a homemade design on the back.

Leopard skin vests in short, textured faux fur worn over a fishnet top or on their own.

A real sixties dress, tight fitting, worn with real old spiky stilettos with perforations in the leather upper.

Buddy Holly glasses.

Tee shirts screenprinted with a suit and tie.

Anything PVC, especially during the day.

Thigh high boots.

Over the knee socks. Or grey socks with sandals.

Marilyn slippers.

A long, turquoise 50s skirt with a fitted sleeveless striped shirt in red, purple and yellow,and black peep toe suede heels.

Glossy black teardrop earrings with a black 40s evening dress.

A green wool bakers cap, worn backwards over a sleek blonde bob.

A vee neck cropped feathered cape, in a pale colour.

A gold and orange paisley 60s jumper with a short gold sequinned skirt and long earrings.

A fox tail scarf (vintage, of course) or long skinny scarves worn tied around the neck with the ends hanging down.

Belted high waist tartan shorts with a thin vee neck jumper.

A bullet bra, inside or outside.


A furry boatneck cropped jacket over capris and pointed flats.

A Japanese black kimono over a black rollneck jumper, with lots of chunky silver and semi precious stone rings.

All white: a suit.

Dagger earrings with a mullet.

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